Updating dyndns

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If you Click Add to list update the Client Access List below.

• Double check that the settings are correct before hitting the Save settings button • After the page has been saved, restart the router so the new settings are put to use.

Here’s how to discover the current MTU value and then manually set it in the router using the Windows software TCP Optimizer: • Insert the USB modem into your computer and connect to the Internet.

• Download TCP Optimizer: • Start the program and go to the "MTU/Latency" tab. • Once the test is done, it'll say at the bottom "You can set your MTU to...." • Back into the DOVADO router, go to the SYSTEM - NETWORK SETTINGS page and deselect "Let router use safe settings".

If your router does not have GPS and API support Web is already chosen as default.

If you use the router's built-in VPN client you can choose if remote management should be available through the tunnel (PPTP) and/or the main connection (Direct) If you do not use the VPN client, just tick Direct.

Save and Restart the router, and do a new scan of the WLAN from your wireless device. Port 80 is standard, but if you have a web server running which operates on port 80 too you have to choose one of the other two options. • Tick the Any host box, or enter a hostname or IP adress if you only want a specific computer or device to be able to access the router.In the North American standards, the WLAN channels range from 1 to 11.In the European standard, the channel range is between 1 and 13.• Verify that your modem is supported: • Verify that you are able to connect to your mobile operator using the modem in your computer. • Select Ethernet WAN port (NAT Enabled) as your primary Internet connection. • Always insert the USB modem into the router before powering it on. To do this, go to Upgrade - The configuration page is reached through the routers IP address, which by default is• insert the modem into the router first before powering it on! If this page returns an error start by doing a factory reset on the router by holding the reset button for about 8 seconds and then wait for 2 minutes.

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